Irving TX Free Apartment Locator

How much does our service cost?
Our service is 100% free to you!

How do we get paid?
The apartments pay us a referral fee out of their advertising budget.  Our agents are on commission so it is important that you let the property know we referred you.  Using a locator will not affect your rent specials or rent amount in any way. In fact, sometimes we can get you a better deal.

I’m relocating from another city/state, and am unfamiliar with the DFW area. Do you have any relocation information I can check out?
Yes. Our Residential Real Estate company has a comprehensive relocation guide – CLICK HERE to read more

Can you help me find a rental house instead of an apartment?
It depends on your budget and desired location. Most rent homes start around $1000 a month and go up from there and will require a full months deposit. Contact us if you would like us to check rental homes.

Am I required to schedule an appointment with you to visit properties?
No. You are free to visit properties at your convenience. Because these are apartment communities, leasing agents at the properties will take you on your tours. If you need assistance, contact us to discuss having one of our agents escort you to the properties.

I have a broken lease/eviction/apartment debt. Can you still help me find a place?
Yes, but your choices of places that will work with you will be limited depending on the issues you have. There are ‘Second Chance’ communities throughout the Metroplex, however, each property will have its own set of requirements when reviewing this particular credit issue. Contact us to review your needs.

Why do I need to list my agent as the referral source on my guest card & application?
Most properties in the DFW area pay licensed agents a referral fee out of their advertising budget when we bring them a client.  In order for them to pay a commission to your agent, they require you to list us (1 Source Apartments and the agent name) as your referral source on both the guest card and the application. Without your referral, we are not paid for the work that we do for you.

What are the lease incentives?
We provide $50-$150 in dining dough gift certificates depending on your lease amount that can be redeemed at http://www.diningdough.com/. They offer hundreds of local restaurants on their website and you can chose certificates anywhere from $10 to $100 off.

Does your company offer a free move?
The so called free moves that some companies offer are almost never free and have way too many strings attached.  They have a minimum rental rate and charge extra fees for a lot of the items that need to be moved. They also do not offer the level of service we can provide.  We have negotiated a discounted rate with professional movers that can move you for a flat fee of $60 an hour.   Get a reliable mover for a great rate and get better service. I’m sure most of you have heard horror stories regarding disreputable moving companies, why not use a recommended company? If you are concerned about moving contact one of our agents to discuss your options.

Do you offer any other incentives?
We run different promotions. Check with your agent to see if there are any current promotions that might fit your needs.

How do I get the lease incentive?
In order to qualify for the lease incentive you must do the following:.

  • You must put Your Agent @1 Source Apartments on the guest card and rental application.
  • *Sign a 6 month or longer lease, with a participating property. This is a property that works with 1 Source Apartments.
  • *Rent amount must be at least $500
  • *Notify us once your rental application has been approved.

1 Source Apartments reserves the right to disqualify the incentive for the following reasons:

  • *The apartment refuses to pay 1 Source Apartments our referral fee.
  • *Failure to follow the requirements to qualify for a rebate.
  • *Rent Amount is less than $500.

*1 Source Apartments will pay one lease incentive when allowed by law. Incentive is paid once property sends us our referral fee. It typically takes between 8-12 weeks for us to receive payment, but can take longer. If you have any questions please call your agent.